Think you know the movies?

How To Play MovieFunatic


MovieFunatic introduces a new spin on the generic, traditional “Movie Trivia” game. Instead of answering questions regarding movie facts, this game attempts to test the player’s knowledge of actors and the movies that they have starred in using a multiplayer, social environment.

First log in

After the install of the app you’ll be prompted to register and create a profile. You can do this using an email and password, via your Facebook account or simply by clicking the ‘Login as Guest’ button. If you login as guest you’ll be occasionally prompted to complete your profile and create a username so your friends can easily challenge you to a game.

Challenge opponents

To create a game, you simply click the ‘Invite Players’ button in the Game Area page. For easy game creation to challenge your friends, you can choose up to 8 buddies from your Facebook list or search for up to 8 users at a time. If you’d rather challenge a random player for quicker playtime, you can select a random opponent for one on one excitement. You can also invite friends to download the app by sending them an email invitation.

Creating a game

Once you have selected your method of play, you will need to create a studio to hold this contest in. A studio is essentially a game room that only the challenged users can enter. After a studio is named, it’s your turn to start the game. You will be prompted to choose either a Movie or Actor. When you pick your starting question, the next player to go will be notified that it’s his/her turn.

Game logic

It’s as simple as movie, actor, movie, actor and so on… But you need to think quick as there is a 30 second timer you need to beat! For every correct answer you submit you will receive points that add up for higher rankings and you may eventually cash them in to get free movie tickets, gift cards and other items. For every incorrect answer you submit, points will be deducted from your score and you will lose a life. After 3 incorrect answers you will be eliminated from the game and forced to hear your buddies brag about their movie knowledge while you sit on the sideline. If you’re the last person standing – YOU WIN!

For example, if you start with Brad Pitt – the next player will have to select a movie that Brad Pitt was in. Once that turn is completed, the player after would have to select another actor in the movie that Brad Pitt was in but can’t use Brad Pitt since he was already selected

Player 1 – Brad Pitt
Player 2 – Troy
Player 3 – Eric Bana
Player 1 – Funny People

In the event you are unable to come up with an answer, we have added lifelines that will lead you to victory.


Scramble – The computer will select a correct answer and display the answer all “scrambled”

Challenge – Forces the user who asks the question to answer it themselves

Help – The computer will display 3 answers which only 1 is correct

Skip – Skip your turn and force the player after you to answer the question

Reverse – Change the order of the question from movie to actor or actor to movie

Freeze – Stop the timer for 10 seconds for more thinking time

You’re only allowed 1 of each lifeline in any game. If you’d like to get more lifelines you could purchase more from our in app store

Updating profile

By clicking on the ‘Profile’ button in the Game Area you will be able to see your ranking and make some other changes to your account such as uploading a photo, changing your password and allowing random invitations. Here you will also be able to view how many lifelines you have remaining and purchase more as well.

Let’s get started and good luck!